Different Landscaping Water Services and Features

Landscaping is something every homeowner should consider. Having a well-maintained and unique outdoor setting can add value to your home as well as add curb appeal. Most landscaping companies offer more than just gardening and lawn maintenance. For example, adding items like ponds or fountains is one way to do something different to your yard whether it is a small koi pond or an extensive water oasis fountain.

Adam Hoban

Fountains are a great way to add dimension to your yard. Not only do you add in a visually stunning piece to your yard, you add ambient and calming sounds of flowing water, which can add even more appeal. It’s always best to work with and not against the natural landscape of your property. If you’re thinking of making a fountain your focal point, install a tiered style fountain to bring out the rest of the garden. Fountains are a great way to help your back or front yard stand out.

Ponds are another great water feature that can be added with a fountain or be a stand-alone feature. Ponds add the element of animal life since fish and other water animals can inhabit them. Most species of fish also help with keeping your pond clean. Always consider the plant life that will go with your pond to make it blend seamlessly with the landscape. Plants like reeds, sedges, and wetland wildflowers as well as floating lilies in the deeper water, are great to plant around and in ponds.

Adam Hoban, a professional landscaper, has the skills and expertise to install and create most water features within your landscaping plans.

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