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Personalizing Landscapes

The professional lawn, landscape and tree trimming industry makes up a large part of the service sector. In recent years, the industry has seen tremendous growth due to a strong housing market boosted by low-interest rates. In 2002, $28.9 billion was spent in this industry mainly by the 77 million baby boomers who have more money than time. This industry is made up mostly of small businesses, with 72% of them having 5 or fewer employees.

Adam Hoban

Adam Hoban

A quarter of these businesses are located in California, Florida, New York and New Jersey. Overall, the 72,504 professional lawn, landscape, and tree trimming businesses employ 446,111 people.

In a recent poll, the most common reason cited for having a manicured lawn and landscape at a residential or commercial property was both for beauty and relaxation. New homeowners and buyers of who have previously owned homes all say that landscaping adds about 15%, on average, to a home’s value or sale price. Real estate appraisers report he value to be at only 7.28%.

Adam Hoban is an expert landscaper who has a keen sense for personalizing and his work specifically for each one of his customers. He offers a variety of landscaping services which includes rare or exotic plants, sprinkler and fountain installations and custom bird feeders. He makes sure that each yard is unique and based on the needs of the customers. His experience and skills allow him to keep costs low for his clients, mainly spending the revenue on materials rather than the labor.