Adam Hoban – Landscaping Strategies You Can Use for Your Home

Adam Hoban is a talented landscaper in London. Having grown up on a ranch-styled farm in Leeds, he learned gardening and landscaping firsthand from his father. At the farm, Adam Hoban was responsible for taking care of the livestock and maintaining the family’s organic garden. This is where he developed his interest in landscaping. The feeling of being able to create beautiful landscapes gave him the satisfaction of accomplishing something beautiful that could change the way people looked at an ordinary garden. Here are some strategies you can use for your home.

Adam Hoban

Adam Hoban

Equipment Access

There are so many “landscape designers” out there who try their hand at landscape designs only to find out that down the road their designing had several flaws. One of the most important thing you need to look into when planning your landscape is future access. At some point in time, you might be required to make some repairs or carry out extension work on your patio or backyard. If you do need to get heavy machinery into your yard, you need to be sure it will not destroy your unique planning and landscape design.

Focal Point

The second most important thing about landscape designs is the focal point. The focal point is simply what makes you look, it directs your vision towards something and gives you that feeling of awe and surprise. Your landscaping design should have its focal points throughout the garden and not just in one place only. The key to creating a focal point is to have something that stands apart from the rest of the landscape in color, texture or form. You might want to consider using an architectural feature of your house or something else. IT should stand out and be connected with the rest of the landscape. Remember to ensure that it does not stick out, it should rather be a highlight and not a dominating feature.

What About Formal Landscapes?

While formal landscapes are beautiful, they are arduous to maintain. If you have two beautiful, identical evergreens on either side of your drive, and one of them dies, it could be quite difficult to get a replacement with the same color, and changing them both could be very expensive. If you are not ready to deal with the costs of replacing both the evergreens, then it would be best to focus on something that is a bit easier to maintain for your home.

Don’t Overdo the Curves

Curves add beauty to any landscape, but you must make sure that you do not use more than what is necessary. If you must use curves, long subtle curves would be the best thing to implement in your landscape design.

Adam Hoban is an experienced custom landscape designer who has designed landscapes for several high-end residential and commercial buildings in London.


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