Adam Hoban – Landscaping Ideas You Can Use for Your Home

Adam Hoban grew up in Leeds working on his family’s organic farm, and it was there that he learned how to maintain a garden. He soon developed an interest in landscaping and began to create beautiful arrangements with flowers and landscaping designs at the family farm. Adam Hoban graduated from university in Manchester and launched his landscaping business in London. Here are some landscaping ideas you can use for your home.

Adam Hoban



Greet with Flowers

Make your guests feel welcome with flowers at the entrance to your home. You can use an assortment of flowers such as Petunia, Lily-of-the-Nile, Snapdragon, and roses which will keep your entrance looking beautiful all year round. If you do not have much space from the street to your house, you might want to consider putting a small fence in front to give an illusion that your house is farther from the street, and it also gives you the space to plant beautiful flowers and vines.

Dressed Up Driveway

A great way to hide an unattractive driveway is by carefully choosing the right plants to plant alongside your driveway. You can create a slightly raised island lawn (path) in the center of the drive, and add a boxwood hedge towards the back of the island with perennials, roses, and annuals that rise a little above the hedge. You can blend a variety of textures, colors, and heights to get different looks.

Outdoor Structures

If you are thinking what to do about your unattractive garage, shed or outdoor workspace, you might want to try adding wooden planks and brackets to create exterior shelves where you can plant beautiful plants and flowers.
Adam Hoban is an experienced custom landscape designer in London.

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