Adam Hoban – How to Build a Clientele for Your Landscaping Business

Adam Hoban grew up working on his father’s farm in Leeds where he developed an interest in gardening and landscaping. After graduating from university, he started his landscaping business in London and has worked hard to build up a strong reputation for himself as a custom landscape designer. Adam Hoban has created several unique landscape designs for high-end residential complexes in London and shares a few tips on how to build a clientele for your landscaping business.

Adam Hoban

Free Landscaping Offers

If you are starting out as a landscaper, you will need all the help you can get to build your clientele. Offer to do landscaping for your friends and family for free or at reduced costs. You will gain valuable experience through this, and you will start getting testimonials from your satisfied customers. When you complete a job, take high-quality photos with the permission of the homeowners and use it on your business social media pages.

Target Customers

You will need to review the characteristics of your customer. The landscaping industry is mainly supported by wealthy people who like to invest money in creating beautiful landscapes for their home or businesses. You might want to work closely with real estate developers and construction companies as many new homeowners will like to have the landscaping for their homes done by a professional. Many moderate-income homeowners could also be potential clients as they might not have the time and expertise to do the landscaping for their homes.

Adam Hoban has built up a strong clientele in London after completing the landscaping project for several high-end residential and commercial projects.


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