Adam Hoban – Tips to Starting Your Organic Garden

Adam Hoban is an experienced landscape designer in London. He grew up in Leeds and worked on his father’s organic farm taking care of the garden and tending the livestock. He knows quite a bit about organic farming through the experience he gained working on the family farm. Adam Hoban is the owner of a landscaping business in London and often offers his clients tips on how to start their organic garden.

Adam Hoban

Before you start your organic garden, you must have a plan. Make a list of what you want to plant; fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You will need to find out what grows best in your area and find a place that sells organic seeds. You will also need to decide how much you can spend for your organic garden. If you have a small yard, you might want to use garden containers. Find out which plants grow well in summer, winter, spring, and fall before you start investing in seeds to plant.

How Much to Plant
If you are starting an organic garden, you might want to remember that “less is more”. While it might seem like a good idea to plant all the vegetables that you like, it might be better to start with a small garden and build it up as you go. You can start small, and increase the size of your garden next season.

Productive Plants
When choosing what seeds to sow, choose the ones that grow best in your climate and area. Choose plants that are generally expensive in the grocery store, and that are labor free. Look for plants that do not require much labor and money to cultivate.

Adam Hoban grew up maintaining his family’s organic garden.

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